UN Secretary-General Releases Draft of Response to Cardoso-Panel Report (Sept 2004)

NGOs and Civil Society

[via Kouraich Jaouahdou, United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Office ]

Report of the UN Secretary-General on the Proposals of the High Level Panel on Civil Society

Dear All,

This report has been prepared in Response to the report of the Panel of Eminent Persons on United Nations--Civil Society Relations (Cardoso Report). It offers comments and recommendations from the perspective of the UN Secretariat and is expected to be presented to the General Assembly in early October. Building on the Panel's proposals, this report makes a number of concrete suggestions and actions in connection with strengthening the participation of NGOs in UN intergovernmental bodies, the accreditation process, improving involvement of NGOs from developing countries and enhancing the UN's own institutional capacity for NGO engagement. An advanced, un-edited version of the report is available at http://www.un.org/reform/report17.pdf>.

For further information,  please contact: Tony Hill, United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service, tel.00-1-212-963-3125, ngls@un.org.